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Welcome to VIVAA

We, the members of VIVAA are called "Gudilovans." VIVAA is the only official organisation recognized by the school. The purpose of the coalition is to provide opportunities for professional and social networking and collaborations among alumni, students, staff and faculty. These opportunities may include networking events, personal and professional mentoring, social events, community service, promoting school activities fundraising and outreach programs. The alumni own & domains. 

So who are we? 

All of us here are graduates of Vijnana Vihara, Gudilova, Visakhapatnam (Gudilovans).The members here range graduates from 1985 to present and you can see them in the members list section with the break-out on who is who.



Facts to know:

The word "Gudilovans" and was coined and first registered in year 1999

Vijnana Vihara Alumni Association (VIVAA) formation:Year 2004-2005


Hurray!! We made it so far! Started by a very small group of "Gudilovans" (Graduates of Gudilova) in 1999, just to keep our memories alive in this busy world, we have come quite a way to find tons of our friends through this site. We have over 400 members registered and growing.

So, we decided, why not we make this a WORLDWIDE site. Maybe the next Facebook... start an online place and then string the beads by some of us help in finding and digging out people scattered all around the world. No small feat! In these times, when we get scattered like the pollen flying with the wind or to the places where the bees hop to, this site is indeed something of a gift that will to take us back in time.

The world teaches us so many things and the life we started in Gudilova was the beginning of a new chapter. For many of us we definitely believe that the stay at Gudilova did contribute to the way our lives shaped out to be. For some, maybe it might not have been so obvious that it contributed, but surely each of us agree that we have been touched by our brief stay there.

In this fast paced world, we might try to pace ourselves to a speed we would like to, but life has a speed of its own. How many people we know write an email to a friend from their 5th grade? We should pat ourselves on our back for beating all odds and being in touch with each other and looking for the other pollen drifting elsewhere. 

Like Helen Keller said "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart". 

I guess each of us has tasted this beauty and so lets pass it on and make the world a better place. Again, welcome to the world of Gudilovans- Alumni of Vijnana Vihara, Gudilova. 

Note: We are our school alumni and do not involve with the administration of the school or its routine activities. For all school related issues, please contact school directly via email or phone.

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